When we took our production of Verona Road (Romeo & Juliet) to The Harris Academy in South Norwood, it really struck a chord with our own actors. For the first time, actor Kwame Reed was compelled to write about his experience working in schools.

"As much as our aim is to go into schools and inspire young people, the pupils at South Norwood actually inspired me.

They were such an responsive bunch who took part in the workshop with much enthusiasm. I was surprised by some of the raw talent which was displayed by the students and it was an inspiration to see that some of them aspired to be like me.

I was particularly interested by the way the students became so inquisitive towards the end of the workshop. They asked me quite a few questions about Shakespeare's play Macbeth as it is a play which they were studying at the time. Thanks to the teachings of my mentors from Intermission Outreach I have a deep understanding of Macbeth and I was able to answer their questions.

I could see by the way they were all so eager to ask me questions that they had a hunger for knowledge and with the guidance they are receiving from their teachers could all achieve great things in their studies.

Being at the school was like a flash back for me, as I listened to their questions in the Q&A session after our performance and I could see that some of them were going through the same experiences that I went through as a young person going to school in inner city London. This is why it was such an inspiring and heart warming experience to be able to come into the school and give them them an experience that I would have benefited from when I was in school."