Intermission Youth Theatre was selected in 2013 by the RSC to be the partner Theatre for the London region of the Learning Project Network (LPN).

LPN is the RSC's long-term partnership programme with schools, communities and theatres across England. Now renamed the Associate Schools Programme, being part of the ASP is about sharing practices and keeping the Bard's work alive in schools.

Here at Intermission, we have our own unique and creative way of engaging young audiences with Shakespeare. The ASP is a great opportunity for our Outreach team to work alongside the RSC, and encourage other young learners across the country.

Together with the RSC we recruited Uxbridge High as the 'hub' school, and in the second year of a three year period, four cluster schools were invited to join the network

Our young people here at Intermission really feel part of the ASP and have developed a special relationship with the RSC, Uxbridge High and the cluster schools.

Ronke Onipede, Outreach Member:

"Working with the different schools was such a good experience for me. The teaching at Intermission Youth Theatre enabled me to work with and also pass on my skills to the younger generation.

Working with the schools and young people, and developing them in their acting, being able to chat with them, and have fun together, is definitely the kind of work that I would love to do full time.

Not only is it recycling the skills that i've gained, it's giving back to the community what it gave to me. Being able to inspire young people is a feeling that I can never get tired of!"

Donavan Yates, Outreach Member:

"I joined Intermission Youth Theatre (IYT) in 2014 and since joining I have learned so much, and have had the chance to watch many plays and take part in a few different workshops, ranging from film and TV.

It has also allowed me to take part in last year's show 'Taming Who?' which was an original adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Taming of the Shrew'.

This has been an eventful year for me, here at Intermission. I have had the opportunity to work with Intermission Outreach, and go back to my previous high school to direct a play with our director (Darren Raymond), as well as a few other actors from the Outreach team.

Going back into school in a teaching position felt a little bit unusual, as I am use to being told what to do but this saw me in a position where I was telling younger students what to do. I was able to relate to them easily as I was in their position just only 2 years ago. Although it felt weird initially, it wasn't long before it felt natural being able to help young aspiring actors just like myself."

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